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Horoscope September 2020 Leo Family

Your charisma is rising and so are your monetary affairs, dear Leo! Full speed ahead this fall! The beautiful Venus accompanies you from the 7th to the 30th, your royal personality will adore it! Until the 22nd the Sun, your planet, in Virgo awakens your financial sector, movement is in perspective! A powerful dynamism thanks to Mars, sign of fire, you want to see your life evolve. Uranus square in your sign, slightly shakes up your socio-professional sector, a change is looming, first decan, renewal or complications? Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto still occupy your area of work and your health, you do not spare your efforts in these areas, the evolution is underway. From the 23rd to the 30th there is room for your relationship and to travel. The end of the month is still active! Read here horoscope September 2020 Leo family.

Leo Family Horoscope Predictions

According to the Leo September 2020 astrology, your family will be filled with joy and laughter for the better part of the month. You are out to ensure that you cater to your family no matter the situation. Leo zodiac sign will have problems with their spouse at the beginning of the month. But towards the end, everything will be okay between the two of you. Leo children will be happy to always have you at home. They will hang around you every chance they get to feel secure and loved.


Your emotional status may change for the better! Mars boosts your conquesting energy and infuses a bit of temerity into your personality, Venus at home, on the 7th, gives you a devastating charm. You are convincing from the 7th to the 27th, your exchanges are tinged with affectivity. Go for it!

Family: horoscope for Leo in September 2020

The month ahead is still very prosperous. Your yearly financial peak continues until the 23rd. Mars, the ruler of your 9th house (who functions as a friend and beneficent planet) will be in your money house all month. This shows, like last month, business-related travel. But it also indicates financial good fortune and expansion. Whatever your financial status is in life, this is a period of increased earnings.

Leo September horoscope 2020 for family

In September 2020 in relationships Leo will look for support and peace. The family expansion and changes will appear in your plans. Take the fears and thoughts of the other half seriously, try to talk and not just push your perspective on the problems of others. The energy level will be high this month in every Leo; it is worth remembering to use it well and not give up physical activity. Take care of yourself and your family. Regular trips to the heart of nature should become an everyday reality for you.

Leo Family Prospects

Nothing very cheerful about the augury from the stars this month, in so far as your family affairs are concerned. Expenses may mount uncontrollably and create all sorts of problems for you, even serious indebtedness. Therefore, you must plan your expenses carefully, well in advance.

There is further cause for anxiety in that serious tensions with the elder members of the family may come about. You must not lose your cool and refuse to get drawn into any sort of a confrontation. This should keep things under control. The family atmosphere would also remain tension-ridden, with no signs of harmony among the members.

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