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Horoscope September 2020 Cancer Family

Favored contacts and beautiful socio-professional friend friend Cancer! The Sun until the 22 in Virgo in beautiful aspect to your sign opens you to the communication, to the displacements and to a carrying optimism! Mercury accompanies these energies until the 6th, then favors your home, your family until 27. Under the influx of Mars in Aries, your career or destiny is boosted powerfully. You make your return! The projects are honored thanks to Uranus in Taurus, first decan, it’s time to draw plans on the comet! The conjugal or associative axis always welcomes the celestial heavies, especially last two decanates: mutation, change, this axis is modified whatever you do! Beautiful spiritual opening, second decan. From the 23rd, it’s good to live at home! Read here horoscope September 2020 Cancer family.

Cancer Family Horoscope Predictions

As per the September 2020 horoscope for Cancer, the family will be part of your agenda this month as well since you want to make family members happy via your achievements.


Your marital sector is always subject to profound transformation, a possibility of meeting someone remains, in this case it would be strong and durable! The lighter energies of this month foreshadow a conquering desire and feelings that are a little ambivalent: pay attention to the mixture of love and money! It’s all or nothing !

Family: horoscope for Cancer in September 2020

The cosmos urges you to do what you most love to do – handle the family, focus on your home and, most importantly, on your emotional wellness.This is still an excellent month for students. Your 3rd house is powerful all month, but especially until the 23rd. The mind is sharp and the communication faculties are enhanced. This means that she pauses in the heavens (in her latitudinal motion) and changes direction. So there is a pause in your family life and then a change of direction.On the 23rd the Sun enters your 4th house of home and family. Mercury and Venus enter on the 14th, so the home is the natural focus.

Cancer September horoscope 2020 for family

In the family environment, Cancer time will flow under the sign of peace and harmony. It will be a time of meetings. Everything looks good but be careful not to overcome the problems you carry inside yourself.

Cancer Family Prospects

This month the prospects for your family welfare look quite bright, since the stars are in an encouraging mood. You can look forward to celebrating an auspicious event in the family with much fanfare and merriment. You can also count on sudden gains, which would come to you in an unexpected manner.

In addition, most of you would do quite well financially, with a definite rise in the overall family income. The family atmosphere would remain quite pleasant with harmony among the members. Children too, would do well in their appointed tasks and generally be a source of satisfaction for all the members of the family.

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