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Horoscope September 2020 Aquarius Family

Intimate relationships are favored and there is a powerful introspection, dear Aquarius! The Sun in Virgo until the 22nd invites you to dive into yourself, to listen to your little inner voice. The brouhaha of the start of the school year should encourage you in your desire to refocus on your ideal after the 23rd. Last two decans, the heavy planets further accentuate this potential introspective: are you ready to change your life? Uranus shakes up your family or residential landmarks, first decan. Mars in Aries gives you a powerful and conquering relationship energy while Venus from the 7th, promotes your marital or associative relationships. Neptune adds to your pecuniary affairs his dose of vagueness, stay realistic, do not listen to empty promises, second decan. From the 7th to the 27th your exchanges are easy, you know how to communicate with diplomacy and you listen. Read here horoscope September 2020 Aquarius family.

Aquarius Family Horoscope Predictions

Based on the 2020 horoscope predictions, your family will be happy with you for all the efforts that you are making in your professional development. They will support you both financially and emotionally. In turn, you will show them the love that they deserve.


A romance could emerge at your work or in your daily life, until the 6th. However, it is only from the 7th that things are going really well. You are a conqueror all month long, charming from the 7th to the 27th, and sentimental from the 7th to the 30th. Go for it!

Family: horoscope for Aquarius in September 2020

We simplify life and our environment by getting rid of what we don’t use or need. You will be amazed at how much energy is released by this. So, go through your belongings and remove what you don’t need or use – sell them or give them to charity. It is also good to take stock of the mental and emotional life in this way too. Ideas and feelings that are not helpful should be removed (meditation can accomplish this).On a more mundane level, with power in the 8th house, the spouse, partner or current love is prospering.

Aquarius September horoscope 2020 for family

Aquarius in constant relationship will experience a real renewal. Together, the time spent will induce couples to think about expanding their family.

Aquarius Family Prospects

The affairs of your family may not have smooth sailing during the coming month, since the stars are none too favourably placed. There is the likelihood of serious differences with your elders leading to unpleasant situations. You must keep your cool and refuse to provoked into any kind of confrontation, this should go a long way in diffusing tension.

The family atmosphere would not be too pleasant either. Children may tend to be irritable and their performance in studies and other extra-curricular activities may  not  be  up-to  the  mark.  Devote  greater  time  and  energy  to  their  affairs scrutinizing their activities closely. Financially, you all may not do too well either.

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