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Horoscope October 2020 Pisces Love

This October your career ambitions will take precedence over family matters as shown by the October 2020 Pisces horoscope predictions. Your family this month is doing well since the stars are aligned to bless them. Career ambitions; on the other hand, are taking a different turn which may plunge you into career decline if not handled properly. The Pisces personality this month will be in a position to help those people who need him or her most. There is a chance that you will also help other families that need guidance on how to keep their families happy and fulfilled at all times. Read here horoscope October 2020 Pisces love.

Pisces Love and Relationship Horoscope

The October 2020 horoscope predictions reveal that after the 14th of this month, your love life will be active and fulfilling. Existing relationships will prosper even more with married couples having time to discuss Pisces pregnancy.

Love in General

Your sentimental nature is more complex than it seems, the planets have fun with you! On one side Venus from the 4th to the 28th favors your love while Mars in Aries causes discomfort felt by this abrupt energy, your libido is not a warrior. Also, refocus on your innate romanticism, do not listen to that little wild voice that sleeps within you.

In a relationship

A lot of intensity between you during this month, something to bring you even closer together. You share your feelings easily, your communication is intuitive, deep and awake. The only downside is that the intrepidity of Mars could introduce a bit of sensual aggressiveness or a bit of untimely possessiveness. Show your love with all your pure romanticism!

Love horoscope for October 2020 for Pisces

By the 4th, as Mars moves away from his stressful aspect, there will be only one planet in stressful alignment with you – Jupiter. The reflex points are shown in the chart. Detox regimes, safe sex and sexual moderation are important all month.Your 8th house of regeneration became strong on September 23 and is strong until the 23rd of this month, giving many messages. It is a sexually active kind of period. Libido is at a high. It is good for projects involving personal transformation and reinvention. Good for occult studies too. It is a time to simplify your life, to expand by getting rid of whatever is unnecessary – whether it be possessions or mental and emotional patterns. This is a month for learning the art of the ‘turnaround’, the art of renewal. There are things in your life that might seem ‘dead’ or ‘near dead’ – these can be resurrected now. The ways will be revealed. This is what the 8th house is all about.

Pisces: love horoscope for October 2020

In October, all your relationships and friendships will be put to the test. You will find out who is truly devoted to you and has a sincere affection for you and who keeps in touch with you because he sees some interest in it. You’ll get rid of fake friends and stop wasting your time on people you do not care about.

Pisces Children Predictions

During the coming month the prospects for your children do not look too good since the combination of stars facing you is not favourable on this score. The performance of most of them would not be up to the mark during the coming month. Students of law and those pursuing higher studies may have to face a particularly adverse set of circumstances.

Parents should, however, try their best to see that they persevere, since difficulties should get sorted out in due course. Further, there is the likelihood of some of them getting into serious differences with their teachers. Here again, parents should intervene wherever necessary to set things right.

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