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Horoscope October 2020 Libra Family

There is an increased importance of others, dear Libra! An absolute sign of balance, the Sun rests in your home until the 22nd, happy birthday! In front of you, Mars in Aries accentuates the importance of others. Favor partnerships and ensure a balance between each other, measure and equity. Venus, your planet, in Virgo from the 4th to the 28th, announces a waking up of your emotional nature, the past can also come back to play a role in your life. Until the 28th, Mercury favors your financial affairs and other transactions. Uranus in Taurus announces a very important financial change, first decan, as well as a modification of your sensual needs. Your household sector and family, receives, in disharmony, the heavyweights of the sky: it’s swinging! Be diplomatic, last two decans, major changes are in progress. During the last week, focus on your assets! Read here horoscope October 2020 Libra family.

Libra Family Horoscope Predictions

The Libra zodiac sign predictions foretell that you are likely to engage in conflicts with the elders since you are controlled by a mind of your own. But it is upon you to ensure that you do not get worked up quickly to avoid being cursed by those who are senior to you. You will have to ensure that the Libra children are not caught in between the arguments that will be ensuing between you and the elders.


A relatively mild influx for you, single friend! A powerful dynamism, a Venus in search of a love story, it’s not so bad! Unless apast love comes back to heat up by the warmth of your heart? The passion reignites? A real desire to marry this time? Only you have the answer.

Family: horoscope for Libra in October 2020

Your personal pleasure peak continues until the 23rd. Mars, your love planet, enters your 1st house on the 4th and will be there all month. This is wonderful for love. It shows that love is pursuing you, instead of you having to look for love. Love opportunities come to you with little effort on your part – just go about your daily business. Those already in relationships will find the beloved more attentive and devoted. When Mars enters your sign he will be having his solstice (from the 4th to the 11th). He will pause in the Heavens – camp out in the same degree of latitude – and then change direction (in his latitudinal motion). This indicates a turning point in your love life. A pause and then a change of direction.

Libra October horoscope 2020 for family

October 2020 requiresstage of flexibility and large forces because they will have to focus on both professional and personal life. To make this time fruitful for you, do not be afraid to come out with an idea – your success depends on the requirements you set for yourself.Libra horoscope October 2020

Libra Family Prospects

This month your family affairs may get bogged down in difficulties since practically all stellar influences are negative. There is a distinct possibility of some of you  developing serious differences with the elders of the family leading to unpleasant situations. You must not lose your cool and refuse to be drawn into any sort of a confrontation. This should diffuse tension to a large extent.

Financially also, you all may not do too well for yourselves, and as such plan your expenses carefully well in advance. Children would need extra attention and more of your time and energy, since they may tend to be ill-tempered and disobedient.

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