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Horoscope November 2020 Virgo Career

An active month in your head as well as in your heart! It’s up to you to find the perfect balance! The beginning of Autumn often corresponds to an increased internalization of your analytical abilities, the light dims, but not your intellectual vigilance! Read here horoscope November 2020 Virgo career.

Virgo Career Horoscope

According to the Virgo November 2020 horoscope, you will develop professionally in all aspects since you have been making the right decisions for the beginning of the month. Your focus may be on other things. But, your career will remain at the top due to proper planning.

Career: horoscope for Virgo in November 2020

There is less focus on finance this month. On the 19th, as Mars leaves the money house, the money house will be empty. Financial goals (the short-term ones at least) have been achieved and so it’s time to focus on other things. Until the 19th it would be good to use spare cash to pay down debt. This period is also good to detox the financial life as well – eliminate waste and redundancies. Get rid of possessions that you don’t need or use.

Virgo horoscope for November 2020 career

The atmosphere at work will be friendly, that’s why Virgo this month does not have to worry about employment and position in the company. Repay kindness shown by colleagues and bosses because it is a perfect investment for the future.

Virgo Career and Profession Predictions

The augury about your career is quite bleak this month. There would be deeply felt resentment against you among your juniors or workers. Try and win them over with fair play and pleasant behaviour. Also it is important to curb your own exploitative tendencies, because in the final analysis, it is these that are the root causes of difficulties of this nature.

There would be a good bit of travel, but this too, under the circumstances would bear little or no fruit, though there might be some percentage in a sojourn to the south for you. You must also control your own sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction since this would cloud your thinking.

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