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Horoscope November 2020 Leo Finance

As in the previous months, you may deal with murky waters in love, in general, because of your family or some older acquaintances. Instability in the couple life may attract eventual adultery relationships with someone from work, which raises an additional risk for the dissolution of the official love relationships. Be careful how you set your priorities and don’t risk more than it’s worth! Read here horoscope November 2020 Leo finance.

Leo Finance Horoscope

Based on the Leo November 2020 horoscope predictions, this month family will help you our financially since you are not well off. To make more money, you will have to indulge in other activities such as marketing that are outside of your professional description.

Finance: horoscope for Leo in November 2020

Effervescence at home and interesting relationships, dear Leo! At home it should be swinging! The Sun in Scorpio sends its power to your family and residential sector, supported by Mercury from the 11th to the 30th: some moves regarding your current home? Mars in Aries, fire sign like yours, no possibility of seeing you fail!

The planetary cluster in Libra, Mercury until the 10th, Venus until the 21st, announces a beautiful eloquence; tact, movements and meetings are favored! Your work sector is still receiving slow energy from the sky, your professional commitment is transforming, long-term positive repercussions are underway, last two decans.

Horoscope for November 2020 Leo Finance

Finances are more complicated this month as your financial planet, Mercury, is retrograde from the 2nd to the 20th. If you have important financial decisions to make, wait until after the 20th. Financial judgement will be a lot better then. Mercury will spend the month in your 4th house (he was there last month too), so family support is good and you can earn money from home and through family connections.

Mercury in the sign of Scorpio, which rules detox, shows that it’s a good time to de-clutter and de-complicate your finances. Simplify. Get rid of extraneous bank or investment accounts. Eliminate waste. Get rid of possessions that you don’t need or use. This will unclog the ‘financial arteries’. Health still needs watching until the 22nd, but improves afterwards.

Leo Finance Forecast

Nothing practically favourable about your financial prospects, in so far as the augury from the stars is concerned. Those indulging in speculative activity are likely to suffer serious losses. The conclusion would be obvious. Stay away from gambling of any sort.

There is the further likelihood of some of you doing other people’s dirty work in order to make a fast buck. Not only would luck elude these people but also land them in serious trouble. Another safeguard to be strictly followed. The climate would also not be particularly favourable for investment and new ventures, and such plans should be shelved for the moment.

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