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Horoscope June 2020 Aquarius Family

Focus on your feelings and inner strength, dear Aquarius! From the 20th to the 30th, the Sun in Gemini, and Venus all month, illuminates your area of love! Unless your children, if you are a parent, bring you many satisfactions. Saturn, a lofty ally, tumbles into your constellation, first decan and promotes your maturity and your capacity to overtake! Your family and your home welcomes Uranus, in Taurus, to the square of your sign: there is rumba in the air! Be relaxed, sudden changes will be to live, first decan. Mars and Neptune in Pisces influence your financial sector, do not throw money out the window, be reasonable and concrete. Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn prepare you for a turning point in your life, especially third decan. From the 21st to the 30th, make room for work and the daily routine! Read here horoscope June 2020 Aquarius family.

Aquarius Family Horoscope Predictions

The Aquarius zodiac sign takes family seriously but this month will see a lot of severe problems in the family that will culminate in strife and discord. The expenses in the family will lead to debts which will present themselves as challenging to clear. But with proper planning and application of wisdom, you may be able to avert this nightmare.


An intense search could animate you. Many feelings to share but a tender picture more physical than romantic. Cultural and artistic outings could encourage an emotional encounter. Venus in beautiful appearance to your sign throughout the month promotes your creative power. Show off your talents!

Family: horoscope for Aquarius in June 2020

The two intellectual planets in your chart, Mercury (the generic ruler) and Mars (the actual ruler), are both still ‘out of bounds’. So review our discussion of this last month: the trend is still in effect. Mars returns to his normal path on the 12th and Mercury follows on the 16th.Health is much improved over last month and is very good now. Family values too. Love is expressed through practical service. The moonlit dinners on the beach are nice, but you like the person who can fix your computer.

Aquarius June horoscope 2020 for family

June 2020 is the transition month for Aquarius , in which everything will be suspended. It will be a time to think about what you want to achieve in your professional life, or whether or not it is worth changing the direction of an action to achieve more.Aquarius horoscope June 2020 It will take a lot of peace and balance to deal with meditation calmly.

Aquarius Family Prospects

Nothing particularly helpful about the augury from the stars, in so far as your  family  welfare  is  concerned.  There  is  the  distinct  possibility  of  serious differences with your brothers, which may turn violently unpleasant in some cases. You must keep your cool and refuse to get provoked into any kind of confrontation. This would help a lot in diffusing tension.

Tension would also be there in your relations with the elders, particularly, your father and also with female members of the family, particularly your wife. In such a tension-ridden family atmosphere, you must draw upon all your inner strength to remain cool and strive to diffuse tension in each case.

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