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Horoscope July 2020 Scorpio Health

This month has its ups and downs, but nobody does the old up and down like you do! You’ll start out in an idealistic mood. But, you run the risk taking it to the hair, as you are wont to do. Go too deep into your fantasies and you’ll loose all sense of reality. At least you’ll be cheerful in your delirium. About mid month you could get snippy and piss off the wrong person. A streak of good luck comes later on, and you end the month in an ugly scene with an important person. Sounds like a party to me! Read here horoscope July 2020 Scorpio health.

Scorpio Health Predictions

The Scorpio July horoscope for 2020 predicts that your health will face some challenges. But with proper medical attention and a balanced diet, everything will be okay before the Mercury retrograde. These health precautions need also apply to the whole of your family to ensure minimal medical expenses.

Health: horoscope for Scorpio in July 2020

Your self-esteem and self-confidence have been weaker than usual due to planetary stress, as we discussed last month. A lunar eclipse on the 16th exacerbates things. At times like this it is good to remember who you are – a child of the Divine, a child of the universe. We have two eclipses this month. The first is a solar eclipse on the 2nd which occurs in your 9th house. This one affects you relatively mildly, but it won’t hurt to reduce your schedule a little. It affects college students, who will be making changes in their educational plans or changing schools. Often this happens because of some disruption or disturbance at the college – and there are many scenarios as to what exactly happens.

Horoscope for July 2020 Scorpio health

Compared to the previous period, the health condition of the Scorpion is improving. You will have a lot of energy, and your vital strength will reinforce a healthy diet. Do not protect yourself from physical activity that will help you cope with stress.

Scorpio Health Horoscope

Nothing very encouraging, about your health prospects this month, according to the stars. Any predisposition to piles would be troublesome. Extra care and attention would have to be exercised. Somber temperaments would to more than normally prone to seriousness.

Laxity in sex matters is sure to result in some venereal infection or the other, with some difficulty in getting well. This should be clearly borne in mind and proper care taken. There is further reason to be apprehensive about consuming any unclean or stale food. This could bring about a bout of food poisoning. Therefore, be extremely careful about what you eat. Overall, not a very favourable period, during which you should be quite careful about your health.

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