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Horoscope July 2020 Sagittarius Family

You honor your partner and the feelings are shared, dear Sagittarius! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Cancer illuminates your socio-professional destiny. Are you satisfied with this area of life? Mercury in Cancer all month will promote exchanges with your hierarchy, in particular. Saturn Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn have reorganized your financial sector for a long time, your fundamentals move or will move, third decan. Take care of your health, develop your daily work differently, under the liberating influence of Uranus, first decan. Mars in Aries pontificate generously in your sector of love, beautiful prospects! Venus in Gemini facing your sign indicates a special connection between you and others and your other half if you are accompanied! From the 23rd to the 31st, the Sun in Leo in beautiful aspect to your sign gives pride of place to your friends and your projects, festive? Read here horoscope July 2020 Sagittarius family.

Sagittarius Family Horoscope Predictions

Your family this month will not depend on you entirely since your spouse or partner has also found work and is willing to help in taking care of family expenses. The Sagittarius July 2020 horoscope predicts that children will feel loved and cared for by their parents this month.


Your love sector carries the possibility of a nice meeting! Mars in Aries produces a conquering energy conducive to concrete results in the emotional field. The whole month is favorable to the whole sign, get started! Last week, live these beautiful influxes with all the optimism that characterizes you!

Family: horoscope for Sagittarius in July 2020

Your personal religion and personal philosophy of life will get tested (this happened in January too). Some of your beliefs will have to be discarded, while some will be amended.The lunar eclipse of the 16th occurs in your money house. So you and the spouse, partner or current love have to make important financial changes. The events of the eclipse will show you where your thinking and planning have been amiss. Once again there can be dramas involving taxes, insurance and estates. Once again those of appropriate age can be changing their will.

Sagittarius July horoscope 2020 for family

The location of Jupiter will make the Sagittarius in July 2020 feel a great need for intellectual development. A good way to broaden your horizons will be a long journey that will bring you new and interesting experiences that you will be happy to share with your loved ones.Sagittarius horoscope July 2020 Unfortunately, the movement of the sun will bring an emptiness, which is difficult to fill.

Sagittarius Family Prospects

A month during which the affairs of your family should have smooth sailing, since the stars are quite favourably disposed. You can look forward to celebrating an auspicious event in the family with much fun and merriment.

The family atmosphere would also remain quite cordial with the members living in harmony with each other. In such an atmosphere, children would also do well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. This would be a source of much satisfaction for all members. Financially also, you all would do fairly well. In addition, there are chances of a sudden unexpected gain.

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