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Horoscope July 2020 Gemini Family

Focus on your assets and your love, dear Gemini! A beautiful breakthrough of affectivity thanks to Venus in your sign throughout the month! Mercury, your planet, in Cancer as well as the Sun until the 22nd, installs a climate favorable to your money and your thoughts will be turned constantly towards more material success. Mars in Aries powerfully energizes your projects and endows you with active and entrepreneurial friends. Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn generate a breath of inner transformation and an increase in your interest in the wealth of the collective, third decan. Uranus in Taurus invites the first decan to settle and prepare for sudden events that will not be long in coming, so stay conscious. Neptune square in your sign subjects your socio-professional sector to a blurry, unrealistic inspiration. Stay concrete! Read here horoscope July 2020 Gemini family.

Gemini Family Horoscope Predictions

In this month the stars seem favorable for you since you will have the most fabulous time with your family based on the Gemini 2020 star sign. According to the monthly horoscope Gemini July 2020, the elders in your family will be happy with your progress that they will bless you wholeheartedly. Children will be obedient and good-natured this month.


Go out with your friends or take care of new relationships that will not fail to enter your life especially from the 23rd. Active and entrepreneurial, your zest will serve your amorous impulses and your attempts to conquer love. Your particularly sensitive and receptive communication facilitates your presentation in the event of a meeting. Great!

Family: horoscope for Gemini in July 2020

Two eclipses in the coming month will test how well you’ve used your power of free will and independence. It is OK to veer a few degrees from your orbit. But if you veer too far off, along comes an eclipse and brings you back in line. If you are in line with what the cosmos wants you to do there is little to fear from an eclipse. It will shake things up and actually help you in so doing. The solar eclipse of the 2nd occurs in your money house.

Gemini July horoscope 2020 for family

In July 2020, Gemini will focus heavily on career and professional matters. You will be very active, and will not only do all the important tasks at work, but you will also start to be socially active.Gemini horoscope July 2020 It is possible that you will sign up for a voluntary service, join a book club, or become the chairman of the housing estate on which you live. You will be looking for a place where you could use your energy, and you will certainly find it.

Gemini Family Prospects

Nothing very cheerful about the augury from the stars this month, in so far as your family affairs are concerned. Expenses may mount uncontrollably and create all sorts of problems for you, even serious indebtedness. Therefore, you must plan your expenses carefully, well in advance.

There is further cause for anxiety in that serious tensions with the elder members of the family may come about. You must not lose your cool and refuse to get drawn into any sort of a confrontation. This should keep things under control. The family atmosphere would also remain tension-ridden, with no signs of harmony among the members.

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