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Horoscope December 2020 Cancer Family

The focus is on relationships and daily affairs, dear Cancer! Your sector related to work comes alive under the rays of the Sun in Sagittarius until the 21st and from Mercury to the 20th. Be practical! Mars in Aries activates your socio-professional destiny. Be pragmatic! For the last decan, your inner relationship axis still reacts to the changes imposed by heavy planets. However, Jupiter and Saturn arrive in Aquarius as early as the 19th and the last decan can now say bye bye to the pressure! On the other hand, these energies shake up your relationship with money, sexuality andthe mystery of life, first decan. Venus intensifies your loves until the 15th, then softens your daily routine. Your social circle is renewed, first decan, your spiritual opening progresses, second decan. From the 22nd to the 31st, the influx of Capricorn gives back to your intimate life, a place for choice! Read here horoscope December 2020 Cancer Family.

Cancer Family Horoscope Predictions

The Cancer 2020 predictions reveal that your family will experience difficulties this month. There will be a lack of peace and harmony due to constant disagreements. It is therefore advisable for the Cancer sun sign to exercise patience while dealing with family members. Cancer children will need constant attention and proper advise during this period to avoid cases of indiscipline and non-performance in school.


This month’s energies do not block the possibility of a meeting, they even favor them! Whether in your daily life or at work, if you are active or on a cultural outing, the opportunities will be there. They will be even stronger after the 22nd, a powerful meeting could capture your heart.

Family: horoscope for Cancer in December 2020

Saturn and Pluto in your 7th house was problematic enough. You’ve also had many eclipses here (and there’s still one more to come, on the 26th). Yet, you’re turning a corner now. The worst is over with. On the 3rd Jupiter, benevolent and expansive, moves into your house of love. There is more optimism now. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is an upturn in the social life. You’re meeting new and significant people. Your circle of friends expands. For singles this signals romance on the horizon, perhaps even marriage or a serious relationship. (Although marriage is more likely next year, when Saturn moves out of your 7th house.)

Cancer December horoscope 2020 for family

The arrangement of Venus, Pluto, and Mars will make Cancer finally seriously focus on his family and partner. Time spent just with your closest relatives will rebuild your relationship with them and become proof of your commitment. A relationship that does not sacrifice time dies, so in December Cancer should take leave and prove to your family your love. Singles from the sign Cancer , unfortunately, this month will not meet anyone interesting.

Cancer Family Prospects

This month the affairs of your family are unlikely to have smooth sailing, since  the  stars  are  not  favourably  disposed.  You  should  have  trouble  in  your relations with the female members of the family. Use tact and a certain amount of skill to circumvent troubled areas and stay out of trouble.

The family atmosphere would be nothing to write home about, with tension and discord among the members openly in evidence. Financially also, you all are unlikely to do very well. Plan your expenses carefully well in advance.

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