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Horoscope April 2020 Taurus Family

Challenges to be met, ideals in evolution, it will move dear Taurus! The Sun in Aries, until the 19th, highlights your caution, invites you to really wait, to refine your projects. On the other hand, from the 20th, the Sun is in your constellation and it’s up to you! First decan, you receive Uranus, exit the temperance, the slowness: your benchmarks explode! Renewal! Freedom ! Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, in the square of your sign, in your socio-professional sector, initiates struggles, turns, which you will have to negotiate. Let the Bull of the Bullfight sleep within you. Nice friendships almost telepathic, thank you Neptune, second decan. Jupiter and Pluto, in Capricorn, sign of the earth like yours, dispenses their influx of expansion and irreversible modifications in your area of life attached to your ideal. Read here horoscope April 2020 Taurus family.

Taurus Family Horoscope Predictions

The April 2020 horoscope for Taurus foretells that family relationships at this juncture will not be at a lousy status due to strong understanding among family members. Taurus sun sign will receive many blessings from their family members as well as their elders and what they will have to do is to disengage themselves from a confrontation of any sort for the strong bond to continue.


This month come out of your comfort zone if you would like to meet people. The exchanges will be lively, partners free and unconventional. This is not usually your cup of tea. Be careful not to mix money and matters of the heart. Adapt or be patient with your loneliness!

Family: horoscope for Taurus in April 2020

The family (and especially the parents or parent figures in your life) are unusually devoted to you. They also seem in better harmony with each other this month. You have good family support now. If the parents or parent figures are single, they have good romantic opportunities from the 21st to the 23rd. Mars, your spiritual planet, spends the month in your money house. This indicates good financial intuition. Intuition is the short cut to wealth. One millisecond of real intuition is worth many years of hard graft. Intuition will not negate the need for work, but the work will be the side effect and not the cause of wealth. Your financial planet Mercury will be in your spiritual 12th house from the 17th onwards, which reinforces all this.

Taurus April horoscope 2020 for family

Changes in the life of a zodiac will not affect the plans and way of life of the astrological Taurus. Gentlemen from this sign will look for new opportunities to implement their ideas. Ladies from the Taurus sign will start thinking about enlarging the family. The Taurus will feel satisfied and content with the development of coincidences. Peace will be given to the family, and there will be no problems and quarrels. The Taurus should find time for a partner and not pay attention to his personality, to maintain this state of affairs.

Taurus Family Prospects

This month the affairs of your family are unlikely to have smooth sailing, since the combination of stars facing you is none too favourable. There is a distinct possibility that some people below you in the social strata might create trouble for you or even cause serious harm. Deal with this firmly, before the situation gets out of hand.

The family atmosphere would also remain tension – ridden with no signs of harmony among the members. In such circumstances, pay special attention to children who may tend to become irritable and disobedient. In fact, you would do well to spend a lot of time and energy on their affairs to set things right.

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