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Horoscope April 2020 Sagittarius Family

The sector of love is in the spotlight and relationships are favored dear Sagittarius! The Sun in Aries, until the 19th, opens up joyful, emotional perspectives, or with your children, if you are a parent. From the 12th to the 27th, Mercury, also in Aries, announces a beautiful communication, creative opportunities if you are an artist. Jupiter, your planet, in Capricorn, as well as Pluto, reign over your assests with an iron hand: reforms, reorganization on top of everything, excess is possible. Mars, the whole sign and Saturn, first decan, boost your morale, your mind is structured and sees far. A little fuzziness continues to liven up your family life, your place of residence, second decan, open your eyes, stay focused. As for the first decan, Uranus in Taurus starts a new professional cycle. You wish to express your originality and your independence. Nothing will be easy, be patient. Read here horoscope April 2020 Sagittarius family.

Sagittarius Family Horoscope Predictions

As per Sagittarius horoscope April 2020, cool behavior will be expected of you since you will have a misunderstanding with your family. Sagittarius personality will have to maintain peace and harmony in the family to bring treasured moments this month. Sagittarius children will expect full support for them to succeed both emotionally and in disciplinary terms.


Until the 19th you have the wind in your sails to make a meeting to your liking. Beyond that, your chances are concentrated on your close entourage or during a short trip. Venus reserves for you shared feelings, a conquering energy very useful for those you wish to charm. It’s your turn!

Family: horoscope for Sagittarius in April 2020

In the unlikely event of a health problem, restore harmony within the family as quickly as you can. Get into emotional balance quickly (meditation will be a help). Spiritual healing is especially potent from the 9th to the 11th. After the 20th, as your health planet moves into Aries, physical exercise, head and face massage and craniosacral therapy will be good. On the 20th the Sun enters your health house, so chest massage will also be beneficial.The job situation has been unstable since last month. Job changes are likely in the coming year (and for many years to come).

Sagittarius April horoscope 2020 for family

April 2020 will end for Sagittarius under the sign of a family that will take precedence over professional matters. Sagittarius will focus on loved ones.Sagittarius horoscope April 2020 It will be the perfect time for him to beautify the home, garden, renovation, modernisation. Sagittarius does not lack determination and creative ideas on how to do it. He will make all changes with his own hands with a little help from his relatives.

Sagittarius Family Prospects

A month during which your family affairs would be marked with a lot of good cheer by the beneficial stellar influences. The elders in the family would be favourably impressed by your conduct and you can count on their whole-hearted blessings.

This would set the trend for the family atmosphere which would remain quite pleasant with the members living in harmony each other. This environment would beneficially affect the children, who would not only behave in a good-natured manner but also do very well in their studies and other extra-curricular activities. You all can also expect to do financially quite well, with the added likelihood of some sudden gains coming your way.

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