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Horoscope April 2020 Leo Family

The spouse, the others in general, will take more importance this month dear Leo! The Sun, in Aries until the 19th, sends you its beautiful energy of fire, equally instilling in you a spiritual opening and desire for distant travels. Other cultures have so many teachings! Third decan, Jupiter and Pluto alter your professional sphere or suggest a health requiring your attention. Mars and Saturn, in Aquarius, settle in your conjugal sector, first decan, tensions are possible but you aspire to stabilize your partnerships, conjugal or not. Under the aegis of Saturn, the associations last for almost thirty years: think deeply before any engagement! The socioprofessional destiny receives Uranus and the Sun in Taurus, in the square of your sign, first decan: efforts necessary to evolve, adaptability will be essential, the unforeseen probable. Read here horoscope April 2020 Leo family.

Leo Family Horoscope Predictions

The astrological predictions for 2020 foretell that the stars will bless you abundantly at this time and thus your family will have a stable positive relationship all through. Leo sun sign will receive lots of positive compliments as well as additional blessings from their elders and seniors. Leo children will be greatly disciplined.


Beautiful opportunities can attract a love affair or a more serious story, if that is your wish. You always remain a pilot of your existential vehicle, the planets propose but it is you who decide! Get closer to the social sector, participate in group events, festive, someone may be there for you!

Family: horoscope for Leo in April 2020

You’re approaching a yearly career peak this month, beginning on the 20th. But Venus, your career planet, is having her solstice from the 22nd to the 25th. She pauses in the heavens (in her latitudinal motion) and then changes direction.She stays at the same degree of latitude those days. Thus a brief pause is in store for you too. Then a change of direction. A pause – a stillness – is always the prelude to action.Health is wonderful now – especially until the 20th. Mars moves away from his stressful aspect and there is only one planet – Uranus – in stressful alignment with you. So energy is high and everything is possible.

Leo April horoscope 2020 for family

This month, you will do a lot of socialising. Friends will want to date you. Their actions will be very clumsy, but charming. Remember that they want the best for you. There will be harmony and accord in relationships. This will be a very good time to enlarge the family.

Leo Family Prospects

There is nothing particularly encouraging about the augury from the stars, in so far as your family affairs are concerned this month. Mounting expenses may take a severe toll on your family finances, leading to indebtedness in some cases. You should, therefore, carefully plan your expenses well in advance.

There is further cause for anxiety in that serious differences are likely with the elders of the family. You must not lose your cool and refuse to be drawn into any kind of confrontation. Family atmosphere would be vitiated and there would be few signs of harmony between members. In such an atmosphere, children would also cause further worry. Pay greater heed to their affairs.

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