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Horoscope April 2020 Leo Career

The arrival of Saturn in a sign facing yours, starts a period of construction but responsibility. Also, take advantage of the influxes this month, in order to take a step back, define your long-term goals properly. Think also of having fun, cheerful sort that you are! Read here horoscope April 2020 Leo career.

Leo Career Horoscope

Leo 2020 horoscope foretells that you will have a great time this month when it comes to professionalism for you will be much successful in all the career goals that you have set.

Career: horoscope for Leo in April 2020

You’re approaching a yearly career peak this month, beginning on the 20th. But Venus, your career planet, is having her solstice from the 22nd to the 25th. She pauses in the heavens (in her latitudinal motion) and then changes direction.She stays at the same degree of latitude those days. Thus a brief pause is in store for you too. Then a change of direction. A pause – a stillness – is always the prelude to action. Health is wonderful now – especially until the 20th. Mars moves away from his stressful aspect and there is only one planet – Uranus – in stressful alignment with you. So energy is high and everything is possible. Progress should be swift this month too, with the planetary momentum overwhelmingly forward.Finances are good too. Mercury moves forward all month. Until the 17th he is in spiritual Pisces, your 8th house – a good time to detox the financial life and de-clutter your environment. (‘De-clog’ might be a better description.) This will make room for the new and better that wants to come into your life.

The ruler of your Horoscope crosses the Mid-heaven on the 20th and enters your 10th career house. You are above everyone in your world. You’re in charge. People look up to you. You’re a role model and a celebrity in your world. There is honour and recognition in store. You’re successful as much because of your body, image and overall demeanour as for your professional achievements.Health needs more attention after the 20th. There’s nothing serious afoot, just a period of lower-than-usual energy. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. The Sun travels with your love planet from the 21st to the 23rd (and you’ll probably feel the influence of this even before). This signals a change in the image and perhaps some experimenting with the body – testing its limits. But it also shows love. Singles have important romantic meetings. Those already in relationships are very close to the beloved now.

Leo horoscope for April 2020 career

April 2020 flows Leo under the sign of professional problems and troubles. You will strongly clash with the boss who will have a different vision of what your job should look like.Leo horoscope April 2020 The management’s ideas may not be the best, but they govern your company, and you should not forget that. You will not gain anything by arguing. Be flexible and simply adapt to the boss’s plan, and eventually, it may come around to yours.

Leo Career and Profession Predictions

This month your career prospects are quite good and you should be able to do well. However, this would be true only if you are careful. There is a distinct possibility that some of you may tend to operate outside the law for quick profits. Should you do this, a favourable month would become a nightmare for you.

This apart all the other signs are quite favourable. There would be a good deal of travel of a beneficial nature, the most favourable direction being north. You would also be able to handle your juniors or subordinates in a manner that will enable you to derive maximum benefit from their services. Do not overdo the efficiency and profit bit, because this could create resentment against you.

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